Product Highlight: Audio Transcription Solution

Userfinity: Audio Transcription Solution

Key Features and Functionality of the Solution:

  • Speech to text transcript generation and archival for live and on demand content.
  • Transcript synchronization during video/audio playback.
  • Related news, blogs and video content during video playback.
  • Multi tiered channel hierarchy with permissioning and registration by request.
  • Search for content based on metadata and transcript.
  • Search can be mated to specific time codes of the video/audio and take user to the pertinent section in the video/audio clip.
  • Robust CMS for content, permissioning, and user management.
  • Transcoding and delivery of video content to feature rich video player.

Quick List:

Choose a SaaS model or Custom Application hosted on your network.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Online/Mobile/Desktop Video Enablement, Transcoding, CMS/Player Solutions
  • Community/Social Networking Tools/Apps
  • Mobile User Affinity Applications
  • Integrated Advertising and eCommerce
  • Personalization/User Profile Software