Product Highlight: Audio Transcription Solution

Userfinity: Audio Transcription Solution


The purpose of the Audio Transcription Solution is to automatically ingest Audio Content (without or without video) from an On Demand and/or Live Broadcast and create a real-time text transcription for immediate availability to the end user.


To be used by any organization to easily create text based delivery of content without the difficulty of manually typing up transcript of video/audio broadcasts. This streamlines the workflow and greatly reduces time to market for text based documentation to compliment the video/audio broadcasts.

Text documentation can be presented in conjunction with broadcasts and can easily be emailed to users or posted on sites, blogs, etc.

Because a full text based transcription of the broadcast is created the text can be used as metadata and is greatly advantageous for searching video/audio content and generating highly accurate results. The search feature can also be mated to the specific time codes of the video/audio in order to take the user to the pertinent information they seek.

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Quick List:

Choose a SaaS model or Custom Application hosted on your network.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Online/Mobile/Desktop Video Enablement, Transcoding, CMS/Player Solutions
  • Community/Social Networking Tools/Apps
  • Mobile User Affinity Applications
  • Integrated Advertising and eCommerce
  • Personalization/User Profile Software