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  • Continued
    • Manage: A sophisticated and easy to use CMS assists you in managing, categorizing, and organizing your content for distribution through to your front end Media Player(s).
    • Monetize: Multiple opportunities to monetize your content from both advertising and commerce applications. Integrate with Tier 1 Advertising Engines like DoubleClick, 24/7 Real Media OAS, Atlas, etc. Integrate with Tier 1 eCommerce engines or we can build one for you.
    • Deliver: Customizable and feature rich player(s) to deliver your content to the end user. New Desktop Players and Apps that eliminate the need for users to even open a browser and remember to go to your site (Streamline and embed your brand into their Lifestyle).

Product Highlight: Audio Transcription Solution

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Quick List:

Choose a SaaS model or Custom Application hosted on your network.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Online/Mobile/Desktop Video Enablement, Transcoding, CMS/Player Solutions
  • Community/Social Networking Tools/Apps
  • Mobile User Affinity Applications
  • Integrated Advertising and eCommerce
  • Personalization/User Profile Software