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  • Mobile and Web (the mobile handset platform is too important not to have the same priority as your web strategy)
  • Advanced Internet/Mobile TV, Personalization, User Affinity, Community, and Social Networking Application Features:
    • Aggregate: Ingest content from multiple sources and numerous devices. Take any digital file format and upload to the Content Management System (CMS) - both for your Administrators and for your Users Content (UGC).
    • Process: All content is automatically and rapidly encoded/transcoded into any and all web ready file formats (Flash, Windows Media, Microsoft Silverlight, Real Media, QuickTime, etc.)

Product Highlight: Audio Transcription Solution

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Quick List:

Choose a SaaS model or Custom Application hosted on your network.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Online/Mobile/Desktop Video Enablement, Transcoding, CMS/Player Solutions
  • Community/Social Networking Tools/Apps
  • Mobile User Affinity Applications
  • Integrated Advertising and eCommerce
  • Personalization/User Profile Software